April 26, 2013

Delicious home made peanut butter

The last time I was in New York (this past January) on my mission auditioning for various summer intensives I expanded my taste buds and tried some new foods. One of them was organic peanut butter (no sugar or preservatives, just nuts and oil). I found it at Whole Foods my favorite food store in NYC. The pb has this rich, nutty flavor and is a bit more firm in it's texture as opposed to "regular" peanut butter. I never ate such a delicious peanut butter before. I was impressed. So back home in Switzerland, I wanted to buy some organic peanut butter. After searching trough many stores I had absolutely no luck (typical Switzerland doesn't have half the selection America does...) As I didn't prefer eating the regular peanut butter, I had to come up with an other solution. So I tried making it my self. At first I was a bit sceptical since just throwing peanuts in a mixer didn't sound so promising (a bit to easy if you asked me). But to my surprise it came out very good. It tastes very similar to the pb I bought that time in Whole Foods. The only difference is it's texture. It's very runny. I haven't bought pb ever since. I like it so much I go trough a little jar a week. Probably you could say I'm a bit addicted. But hey, one of my first words as a baby was "petabut" (meaning peanut butter) so no wonder ;)
Wow, this was a long story on pb. Sorry guys, I hope I didn't bore you to much and you're still with me. Because here's the recipe:

You will need: a bag of roasted peeled or unpeeled peanuts, a mixer

How you do it:
Peel the whole bag of nuts and put them in the mixer
Mix for 5 min. et voila, finished is your pb, it's that easy
Before I fill it in a jar, I clean the jar with hot water (just to make sure there won't be anything unpleasant growing in there later)
Store pb in fridge

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